Retail Analytics

Right merchandise, right stores. Right when the customer is ready to buy.

Todays customers are gradually shifting to e-tail. Today, shoppers have all the information they need to make informed decisions and extract the maximum value out of their spending. Thus, traditional retailers need to change their business models to keep pace and excel as digital merchandizers.

Infogenx Retail Solutions and Services, combined with retail analytics, drives the much-needed Digital Transformation. Our retail solutions enrich end-customer experience and improve business efficiency through an integrated set of disruptive technologies like mobility, big data analytics, security, cloud computing, social computing, M2M/IoT and unified communications.

As customer preferences evolve and options for where – and how – they shop expand, you need a better understanding of who your customers are in order to stay competitive. SAS delivers solutions specifically designed for today's retailers, including technology that enables:

Merchandise assortment optimization. Efficiently rationalize assortments by becoming more customer-centric and less product-centric, using analytics and advanced clustering to understand a customer's path to purchase – and identify missed opportunities.

Merchandise financial planning. Predict customer demand by channel, and strategically plan key initiatives. Identify opportunities to improve performance, boost customer satisfaction and increase profitability.

Merchandise location planning. Understand the true omnichannel demand and use automated processes to predict sales by location, optimize inventory and support e-commerce fulfillment initiatives.

Size/pack optimization.

Increase margin potential by understanding historical sales as well as the true size demand by forecasting quantities down to the store/size level. Recommend pack configurations to meet supply chain constraints and distribution costs.

Revenue optimization

Gain incremental margin by optimizing profitable price strategies over product life cycle. Use analytics to understand competitor pricing, shape demand and meet financial goals.

Do you want to extract actionable Insights to enhance productivity and profitability for your business ?